Does This Blog Even Still Exist?

I’m not sure. I can say that it’s likely no one is reading it, bringing up the millennia-old question: if a blog gets posted on and no one reads it, does it make a valid point?

I would argue that it does not.

That said, I’m going to try anyway. The Rangers season this year, my non-renewal of my season subscription, and the MSG/Time Warner Cable feud have all made my hockey attention increase, and most importantly, the Jets putrid performance down the stretch pushed me away from the NFL. So, to quote Martin Luther, “Here I stand, I can do no other.” Let’s talk about some things:

1) How about your New York Rangers? This is a team that’s been impressive since the second week of the season and hasn’t slowed down. First in the conference, second in the league (with 4 games in hand on Vancouver). And most importantly, getting healthier. Marc Staal’s development into his form will be a huge relief in the stretch for Messers Girardi and McDonagh, who’ve been playing all world minutes with the decimation of the defensive corps.

2) Can’t say enough about the job Torts is doing, both in game and with a blue line that, at one point, had their top 4 defensemen on the shelf. It’s been well noted elsewhere the job that he’s been doing shifting lines in game to get people going. It works sometimes (see Classic, Winter) and it doesn’t work other times (see the 4-1 loss to Washington last week), but he’s winning more than he’s losing. And no coach works harder.

3) All that said, focus in the next week is going to be huge. Back to back games starting tonight (I’ll be at the Garden tonight).

I’m going to post a Thursday Turcottes with some other news that I’m finding interesting/intriguing behind this, as well as what will obviously be a belated Winter Classic post. If anyone does manage to read this (I know the Twitter feed has some followers), let me know if you’d like to keep reading and or enjoy the structure. I’d love to keep writing.


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