Thursday Turcottes

I’m hoping to do one of these each day. The Wednesday post will, of course, be titled “Wednesday Wolskis”. On with the links:

Torts got hammered by the league, with good reason. I think we all knew he was being sarcastic, but the league can’t have people going around talking about collusion between the refs and the networks to bolster ratings. Torts apologized and he should have.

– This is a link from Tuesday, and I posted it on my personal Facebook, but it’s extremely important that we get Carp’s Winter Classic wrap up on the record here.

– Around the league last night: it hurts to say it, but the Bruins are one really, really good hockey club. They dropped 6 on the Devils last night. Patrice Bergeron scored twice. Somehow, I think this club is actually BETTER than last year’s Cup winning team. Tyler Seguin is an animal. And let’s remember, he’s only 19 years old.

– More from around the league: No Lars Eller and this game would have gone to a shootout. Unfortunately for the Jets, Eller played last night.

– Finally, Carcillo got 7 games for this filthy hiton Tom Gilbert of the Oilers. I’m not Brendan Shanahan, but I’m not sure that 7 games is enough. In the replays, watch Carcillo stare down Gilbert in pursuit of the puck. You can see the hamster running on the wheel in his head, calculating and measuring up what he’s going to do the poor guy. It’s a 50/50 puck and Carcillo just levels Gilbert. No place for that kind of stuff in the league.


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