About Last Night: Rangers vs. Panthers

It wasn’t the prettiest game last night, but it sure was the same result they’ve ben getting lately.  3-2 over the Panthers last night makes it 3 in a row and 8 of 9, the lone loss being the the stinker that they put up in Washington last week.

Some thoughts:

– I’m not saying that he shouldn’t, but boy, Marc Staal looks rusty.  That pass that got by him on the 2-on-1 that led to the first goal is one that he stops 10 times out of 10 last year.  The good news here is that he’ll have the next couple of month to work this out before they get into the stretch.

– The Rangers looked pretty flat for most of the first period.  I know they outshot the Panthers big, but other than Rupp swinging and missing on the doorstep, I don’t remember jumping out of my seat at the end of the first period.

– I had a title all ready for this called “Big Shot Brad”, but then Biron gave up the softie to tie the game immediately after and the goal was credited to Cally, so there went that.  I still think I want the nickname Big Shot Brad to catch on though, because he really seems to be that guy.

– To me, the three Rangers goals summed up what their whole season has been about:  a ton of hard work (Cally), a good amount of skill (Gabby) and a little luck (Stralman).  That’s what you need to keep winning.

– I can’t really stand the way the refs do these games sometimes.  I thought the penalty on Fedotenko was a real ticky tack call.

That’s all for now.  I’ll have an Around the NHL and a 24/7 wrapup coming a bit later.


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