About Last Night: Rangers vs. Penguins

I’d have a whole lot more to say about this game if I’d actually seen it.  Instead, I watched a few episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Here’s a summary of them:

– Guy drives up to a restaurant that local people love

– He takes three bites of something that has enough calories to feed a small African villages for 5 days and calls it “off the chain.”

– Shampoo, rinse, repeat

As far as the Rangers are concerned, from the sounds of it, they came out completely flat in the first period and badly outshot.  They caught their legs late in the first and tied up the game.  From there out, they played harder, took advantage of some Penguins mistakes and got an all-world effort from Hank, who took home the Broadway Hat (again).

Basically, a 2011-12 New York Rangers win.

You have to wonder when relying on Hank so much may come back to bite them, as it did in their games against the Leafs this year.  And how it might effect them against Boston, who is just beating the crap out of every team that comes their way.

But not today.


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