You Know What I Love?

That I can’t watch the game right now.  I LOVE that.

I’m not really going to spend too much time talking about this nonsense.  Like everything else, they’re arguing over who gets a slightly bigger piece of a GIGANTIC money pie.  The only people that are really getting screwed by this is the fans.  Still, these negotiations (if you can call them that, since they haven’t admitted to sitting down since the 1st of the year) seem particularly rancorous, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see a whole lot of hockey or Knicks basketball around here for quite some time.

For MSG’s part, I’ve got no idea if what they’re asking for is fair.  But you can’t expect no push back if you’re going to force FUSE on all of your MSO partners.  It’s just not realistic.  And if you’re going to force FUSE, then you’ve got to cut people a break on the pricing.  My cable bill, subtracting my pay subscriptions, is already out of the stratosphere, and that’s mostly due to the subscriber fees that the networks are charging the MSOs.  That’s the price of doing business.  I get it.  But what I don’t get (or more accurately, don’t think is right) is creating a cable channel (and I get FUSE has been around for a bit, but bear with me) and then force people to air it AND rising their prices exorbitantly.

For Time Warner Cable’s part, saying that “40% of all remaining Rangers games will be broadcast” is about as ridiculous a statement as you’ll hear.  It’s like someone calling themselves valedictorian and then you find out they’re talking about summer school.  First of all, all NHL Network broadcasts are going to be blacked out in this area, so that knocks out whatever’s being broadcast there.  And frankly, that’s a vast majority of the 40% they’re claiming.  Secondly, anything that’s on NBC wasn’t going to be blacked out by this to begin with, so those shouldn’t count.  We’re not getting anything that we wouldn’t have already gotten.

So here we are.  One corporation blaming the other for misrepresenting the truth, while not actually flatly denying that they’re asking for a lot more money.  And another company that says they’re holding out because they’re being held hostage by what they’re going to be charged, all while deceiving their paying customers of the reality of the consequences they brought on themselves by not trying harder to negotiate.  And really, we all know that whatever the hike is won’t hit their bottom line.  It’ll go right into the bills of the poor schlubs that pay them.

To sum up, thanks for ruining this Friday night for me.  My kid’s asleep and I can’t watch the hockey game.


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