No End In Sight: Who’s To Blame?

From the New York Times about the Time Warner Cable/MSG kerfuffle:

After 11 days, there appears to be little hope for a quick resolution — even as the Rangers hold the best record in the N.H.L. and the Knicks are on a three-game winning streak that gave them a 5-4 record.  […]

The two sides agree on little in a nasty squabble that has focused on what Time Warner Cable will pay MSG to carry the two regional sports networks in a new contract. MSG says that the cable operator, the nation’s second largest, has rejected all of its proposals for two years. Time Warner Cable says that MSG has twice reneged on a 6.5 percent rate increase and that its final demand was for a 53 percent boost.

If I’m reading that article correctly, the Times seems to be putting more of the blame on Cablevision, which is no surprise because a) they probably are, but b) beating up Cablevision seems to be the one thing that most major media outlets agree is awesome to do.

However, the article makes a really interesting point about a lost opportunity for Time Warner Cable back in 2005, when they lost the Mets.  That would have been an ideal time, and apparently, well within their contractual rights, to ask for a rate decrease because of the loss of the Mets as an anchor tenant.  I think we can all agree that MSG programming in the summer is about as useless as my “Mark McGwire: 2010 Hall of Fame Inductee” t-shirt.  Not a whole heck of a lot of value there.

I did promise not to spend too much time railing on this, but I really hate when people with tons and tons of money can’t agree over what really is a rounding error for people with that much money, so I’m going to say one more thing.  They need to get an arbitrator in there, stat.  This just isn’t fair to deprive fans of these sports teams, people who are the ones not only paying for the cable, but also going to the games, of the best season the Rangers have had in the last 20 years.  If this is the defining moment of this Rangers season, that’s going to be a horribly disappointing outcome for a lot of people.  To be honest, I might even ditch cable altogether, and just cobble it together online.

Final point, that dude who was quoted that found the pirate site, where can I get me some of that?


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