About Last Night: Rangers vs. Senators

I’m trying to remember the last time that I actually watched a Rangers game on TV.  It was the Winter Classic.  I was at the game after that.  And everything else has either been on MSG or blacked out on the NHL Network.  Good times.

And to add insult to injury, I was in the air flying home last night, so I couldn’t even get periodic updates on the game.  Based on what I’ve read, this was a game where they came up against an immovable force named (and I’m not laughing) Craig Anderson.  I actually have Anderson on my fantasy team this year, and for most of the year, he’s been totally erratic.  In the last 8 games or so, the guy’s been lights out.  He good run started when he replaced Alex Auld in a game where Auld gave up 3 quick goals.  Anderson came in and didn’t give up another, while he team came back and won the game.  It’s been nothing but sunshine and daisies since then for the Sens, who are the NHL’s new hottest team.

As for the Rangers, you have to hope this is the only game that Dubinsky misses.  It seems like they missed his hustle last night.  I’m not much for “intangibles.”  It’s the kind of thing people say when the player that they like kind of sucks or isn’t as good as they think, so they pull out this bullshit argument that you can’t prove or disprove.  Things like “he’s a good clubhouse guy” or “the stuff he does doesn’t show up on the scoresheet.”  But Dubinsky does embody whatever that type of intangible counts for.  He’s a ferocious forechecker.  He kills penatlies.  He stands up for teammates.  All that stuff means something.  Not as much as actually scoring a goal (or helping someone else score one), but something.

Speaking of not showing up on the scoresheet, Anisimov was shut out across the board last night again.  He’s someone they’re going to need to get back on the scoring train, and really soon, if they’re going to keep up the pace they’ve set for themselves in the first half.


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