Montreal Canadiens Add A Goon To Play With P.K. Subban

I’d like to start this off by saying, even though it has nothing to do with the trade, that I still call P.K. Subban “P.K. Slewfoot” because of that crap he pulled on Dubi last season.

The Canadiens have sent Mike Cammalleri and some pieces to the Flames for Rene Bourque and some pieces.  I had two immediate reactions.  The first is that when a team says they need to get bigger up front, that strikes me as grasping at straws.  You know what teams need?  Scoring.  Yeah, size is good too, and Bourque can put the puck in the net.  If you’re getting the player that scored 58 and 50 points the last two seasons, I think I might sort of see this as being an OK trade for the Habs.  But if you’re getting the guy on pace for 30 points this season and who leads the league in being a dick and taking bad penalties, then I don’t think this does anything for the Habs, who are falling faster than Lindsay Lohan at Charlie Sheen’s house.  But hey, he speaks French, so the Habs fans should be thrilled.

My second thought was, “OK, they have to be dumping salary here.”  Lo and behold, from

A quick update on the Mike Cammalleri/Rene Bourque swap from Thursday night. The move opens up all kinds of cap space for Montreal, as the Canadiens can now add a cap hit of approximately $8.2 million at the deadline without requiring any long-term injury relief. The Flames stayed cap compliant by putting several players on long-term injured reserve, but once their roster returns to full health, they’ll need to trim more than $2.5 million in cap hits.

OK, so now it makes sense.  Even though Cammalleri is by far the better player with the better scoring touch and Montreal is 12th in the conference in scoring, if they’re dumping all that cash (something like $2.6MM) to either make a bigger move at the deadline or position themselves for the offseason, it’s not the worst move in the world.

One last thing:  I don’t remember the last time that I saw a player get traded in the middle of a game.  Was Doug Weight traded for Tikkanen in the middle of a game?  Am I making that up?  Also, keen insight from Kevin Weekes on the NHL Network, calling the Canadiens “a flagship organization in the NHL.”  No kidding.


2 Responses to Montreal Canadiens Add A Goon To Play With P.K. Subban

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