About Last Night: Rangers vs. Predators

I can’t believe that in this day and age that I was actually able to watch two Rangers games in a row, live.  Granted, one of them was that stinker in Montreal (and by the way, it really shouldn’t be that hard for this team to play there), but still, watching hockey, you know?  Good stuff.

– The one thing that still makes me uncomfortable about this team (other than the power play, which is simply dreadful) is that scoring goals just looks difficult lately.  It’s nice to get scoring from your defense and from a guy like John Mitchell, but man, where is Gaborik?  Where are Richards, Dubinsky, Callahan (he had the “empty netter” last night) lately?

– One thing I will say: the puck possession in last night’s game was a totally different story than Sunday night.  Frankly, Sunday night seems like the aberration.  This team controls the puck better than any Rangers team that I’ve seen in recent memory.  The D is strong.

– I also love how every talks about Hank having a mini slump, two games where he gave up 3 goals or more.  It’s laughable.  This guy is the best goalie in the NHL right now.  He’s in his absolute prime and completely locked in.  I wish the playoffs started tomorrow, because Hank looks like he could take them all the way through by himself.

– I really don’t remember I time where I felt like this game was going to go to Nashville.  And these guys aren’t patsies.  Coming in with the 5 game winning streak, playing sick hockey.  Granted, they were without Suter and Rinne got the night off, but still this is a good team.  And the Rangers made them look slow and small.

– You have to love this quote from Dolan (and I”ll have another post following this about this quote):  “I think we’re pretty close to getting that back.”  He’s obviously talking about the Stanley Cup, but come on.  Do you think this guy even remembers that he owns a hockey team half the time?  I feel like he said “that” because he couldn’t even remember the name of the Stanley Cup and didn’t want to look like a total idiot.


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