Dolan On Rangers Chances: “We’re Close To Get[ting] That Back”

James Dolan likes his team’s chances this year.  From the AP’s game summary of last night’s game:

“I think we’re pretty close to getting that back,” Dolan said after the Rangers beat Nashville 3-0 Tuesday night. […]

After the game, Dolan and coach John Tortorella walked into the postgame news conference together and, laughing, Dolan accepted Tortorella’s invitation to talk to the media. He told a story about a pact he made with president and general manager Glen Sather in 2004, when the Rangers decided to stop trying to sign high-priced free agents and instead build around young players through the draft.

Where to begin?

Well, let’s start with calling the Stanley Cup “that”.  I don’t know if someone counseled him not to say the words “Stanley Cup” together for some superstition or jinx or something like that, but to me, this came off like a guy who spends zero time thinking about hockey and has sort of been forced to because the team the he, you know, owns is playing the guts out right now.  Sather probably reminded him that he owns the damn thing and that they were playing pretty well, so he went down to make a cameo appearance in the locker room to let the boys know that he’s watching and proud of them.  But seriously, just call it the Stanley Cup.  Owners, especially owners with multiple business interests and multiple sports teams, shouldn’t be worried about the superstitious nonsense that his players are worried, if that’s actually the issue here.  Personally, I think he forgot the name of the Stanley Cup and was just covering himself.

Secondly, I didn’t see all of the press conference, but Dolan comes off like such a blowhard.  That “story” he told about their meeting 8 years ago sounded like a meeting that they had over cigars and scotch that are both probably individually more expensive than my car.  I think we all love the decision that came out of this meeting, but I have a sense it was Sather saying “I (read: Don Maloney) want us to stop signing crappy veterans.  Let’s bring up some young players and see what they can do.” and Dolan saying “Sounds good to me.  Want some more of the Glenlivet?”  I recognize that I’m probably being a bit harsh here, but I find it insulting that this guy is yukking it up walking into a press conference, while his company is complicit in denying his fans, the people that support the team, access to seeing them on television.

Finally, I just love Tortorella.  No elaboration.  I still think he’s awesome.


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