The Del Zotto Watch

The Rangers did get the bulk of their work done prior to the lockout.  There was the big Rick Nash acquisition, of course.  There were some other signings of note (Biron, Stralman, etc.).  Of course, there was Arron Asham joining the squad.

However, the one big thing that still sits out there is the re-signing of RFA Michael Del Zotto.  Kevin DeLury over at the New York Rangers blog picked up Katie Strang’s tweet that the Rangers and Del Zotto’s agent are set to talk almost immediately.  Kevin says he wouldn’t be surprised (nor would I) if this was done before the ink dries on the new CBA.  A couple of things to remember about DZ:

1)  He was injured playing over in Europe.  I haven’t heard much about the status of that injury since it happened, even then it was simply called “back stiffness”, but I’m just generally curious to hear about that.

2)  The Rangers are about $10 million under the cap right now, but still need 3 forwards.  It’s not so troubling this year, as it is next year when Step and Hags are due for raises.  It’ll be interesting to see where the Rangers set the market on DZ.


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