Things Coming Soon

I was away for a few days and looks like there’s some good stuff going on.  Look for posts on the following over the next day or two:

– Redden buyout

– Rangers season prediction

– why I think the Hockey News needs to do a better job


Working Through Some Format Changes

I’ve been quiet on the homefront here, because I’m working through some things in my head to try to make this blog a little better and easier for all.

I think I’m going to ditch the “About Last Night” wrap-up posts that I’d been doing.  For one, you can find thoughts on the specific games in myriad different places and it seems silly for me to write a wrap-up when a) I can’t even see 90% of the games (hey, thanks again, Time Warner and MSG) and b) I’m pretty much writing what those guys are writing and c) game summaries simply aren’t fun to write.  This isn’t my job.  I don’t need to do that for some assignment, so I’m going to leave that to the people that get paid to do it and write the stuff that I find interesting to write about.

I’m going to keep on finding articles and stories that interest me and write commentary on them.  That’s interesting to me.  And I hope it’s interesting to the people that read this.  I’m going to keep “Around the NHL” but it’s not going to be a game by game rundown of what happened the night before.  I follow a bunch of beat writers on Twitter and I read a lot of blogs about teams other than the Rangers, so I’ll find some stories there and do a mini-opinion piece on them.  Quick hits.

And of course, there’ll be a heavy dose of Rangers.  I had a post on “What’s Wrong with Gaborik?” in the hopper, which was basically a “is he regressing to the mean or is he slumping like last year again?”-type piece, but he scored two goals today in the win, so that’s basically a dead post.

Anyway, that’s where this thing will be going.  Hopefully, it’s interesting.  Expect 2-3 posts a day.  That’s if a) there’s interesting news or stories around (likely) and b) I’ve got the time to squeeze them in at work.

That’s the story.  If anyone has comments, I’m happy to have the feedback.  If not, also cool.